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Dinosaur and guinea pig

Posted on: Mar 15, 2012
by Windie
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UK, March 15 2012

More book news coming from McFly!
After announcing that the official McFly book is on the way, another book-related news surfaced from the McFly headquarter.

The Bookseller reported that Tom and Dougie are writing stories for kids. Random House Children’s Books has acquired two picturebooks by these two lads. The first one called “The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas” will be illustrated by Garry Parsons and is due to be released this October.

According to Tom, as reported by BBC Newsbeat, “This book comes from Dougie’s fascination with dinosaurs,My love for Christmas and a shared obsession with poop.”

On other news, Tom Fletcher is busy preparing for his wedding with Giovanna.
In article by Mirror, Tom stated that he has to write his speech on tour. Nevertheless, he’s quite happy to be the first (in McFly) to get married because the last one will get the worst stag do.
Danny, though, seems quite happy not to be the first. He commented that Tom is like a guinea pig and the rest of the guys in McFly will wait and see how Tom gets on before they decide anything.

And to close this post, check out a review and some photos from Margate concert HERE.

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