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Another catch-up post…

Posted on: Apr 4, 2012
by PiKiYo
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April 4, 2012

This is another catching-up post of McFLY brought to you by McFLY United :) We were having some family issues but it’s all better now.

Here’s the recap:

First, the McFLY Magazine that @Mcflymetro with help of Team Pones, Mission McFly, Fletchersource and Poyntersource (plus bunch of McFLY fans) campaigned for is a success. If you want to get ahead of how to get this magazine please email and put “McFLY Magazine” as the subject title.

Second, if you haven’t watch it. Here’s the video of McFLY on Wembley:

Credit: lanakemp1999

Third, Watch this awesome cover of Blackbird by Tom.

Fourth, Don’t forget to vote for McFLY as Greats on Great Britain on here. They are currently on second place.

Last, please share, tweet, tumblr, pin it, whatever about the Glee Mission to your friends and families so they aware of it and sign it. Here’s the link again. The Wanted already on it, One Direction is in talks to be on it, McFLY sure can get on it too. We need the coverage, guys :)

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