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Glee Mission

Posted on: Feb 25, 2012
by Windie

As we told you before, our friends at mission:MCFLY has a project to (try to) get glee covers McFly song.

At this point, you might have realized that both of us are fans of glee… But we’re not alone, there are some glee cast members who are also McFLy fan (such as Kevin McHale, Kevin McHale again, Riker Lynch who randomly tweets McFly lyrics on regular basis, and Darren Criss). In fact, Kevin has stated that he and Darren has been talking about doing “All About You” on glee.

But that’s not the only reason why we think this is a great mission. Glee is still a huge TV show in US and if they cover McFly song, then this will give our lads the exposure they need to become bigger or at least known in US. As mission:MCFLY pointed out, McFly music has changed so much since Just My Luck days, and they deserve another shot there. Of course, US fans will also have bigger chance for McFly touring the US, but of course McFly fans worldwide would want to see them getting the recognition they deserved.

Therefore, we need help not only from McFly fans who also love glee, but from all of you.

Now, let’s get on with the mission (CLICK ON READ MORE)


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Dorchester, February 21 2012

It’s been a while since our last update, so today we’re bringing you news, projects, and tasks (depend on how you see it really).

First of all…

Yesterday, McFly attended the charity tea party benefiting Shooting Star CHASE held at Dorchester. They also donated tickets (to their show) for auction at the event.

The auction included prizes donated by Chelsea captain John Terry, X Factor final tickets donated by Simon Cowell, McFly tickets donated by the boys themselves and tickets to meet Westlife and see them on their farewell tour, donated by Louis Walsh.


If you want to know more about Shooting Star CHASE, visit their website.


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Zukie Clothing by Dougie Poynter

Posted on: Apr 26, 2011
by PiKiYo
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WWW, April 2011

Maybe some of you have heard about this project from Dougie called Zukie. Zukie is a clothing line owned by 3 amigos, Dougie, Jason Perry and Bomber.

Their clothing lines vary from T-Shirt, Deck, Jersey, to Wallet.

Check out one of their products below (all profits go towards Japanese Red Cross earthquake appeal) :

Check their tumblr page here and follow them on @zukieclothinguk

If you want to check their product, please visit their page on here

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Party Girl on Pretty Little Liars

Posted on: Feb 23, 2011
by Windie
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USA, February 21st 2011

On a scene from PLL below, you could hear Party Girl playing in the background.

Credit: relientkluver

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McFLY Road, January 13th, 2011

It’s already year 2011. McFLY has been released their album. We’ve seen their new videos, Party Girl and Shine A Light. Third single will be released soon.

But, do you guys remember last year? When Tom still keeping all those secret away? And we tried to search anything related to McFLY new album?

Let’s take a while to reminiscence what happened back there.

January –> Dannyrotti is born
– Danny Jones is going to sing Opera? What a big surprise on this new year.
– McFLY in Must Magazine
– Dougie and Tom went to Orlando, Florida for their holiday

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I Like Music Takeover

Posted on: Dec 7, 2010
by Windie
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This week, McFly is taking over I Like Music!
Go to and check out tons of stuff, including Danny and Dougie’s choice for track of the week, Danny picks his album of the week, Tom’s choice for video of the week, event of the week, Danny’s underground studio, and listen to their pop playlist of the week.

Check out these features soon cause they’ll be on I Like Music site for this week only.

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