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All about Judd

Posted on: Nov 1, 2011
by Windie
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McFLY United HQ, October 2011

In case you missed it, watch Harry and Aliona dancing the Tango to Psycho Killer on last week Strictly Come Dancing. They got 34, and Alesha gave them another 10!

Credit: MrAtariST

Fabulous Magazine

“It’s always the best when they come down to the studio, they are the best guys in the world.”

On other news (still about Judd), Harry is featured on Fabulous Magazine.

Check out the photos and the article HERE. He talked a lot about Izzy and overall it was a very sweet interview.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the webchat today.

Hi all, and thanks for all the birthday wishes! We’re just gearing up for the webchat this afternoon – the time’s not set in stone yet, but it won’t be before 4pm. Make sure you’re following Super City on Twitter for up to the minute updates.

Harry Attitude Solo Shoot (video)

Posted on: Jan 11, 2011
by Windie
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WWW, January 10th 2011

I suppose it’s still the month of Harry. (PiKiYo knew this too apparently. More than a week ago, she told me not to switch the layout just yet…) Attitude Magazine recently posted the video from Harry solo shoot for their newest issue (out now!) on their youtube account. Enjoy!

Who’s Jack photoshoot and interview

Posted on: Dec 4, 2010
by Windie
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WWW, December 2010

McFLY were featured in the newest issue of Who’s Jack. You could view the magazine online here or view them on our gallery here.

Also, check out the photoshoot by clicking the picture above.
And if you haven’t watched behind-the-scenes video from the photoshoot, you could watch it on youtube on this link.

Thanks McFly Portugal

More Entertainment Focus stuff

Posted on: Sep 10, 2010
by Windie
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Super City, McFly Week 2010

First it’s McFly week, then it’s McFly Live Day.
Entertainment Focus posted another part of their McFly week spotlight.

First of all, here are the links to Harry Judd’s spotlight page and clip.
Clip | Spotlight page

On day 5 of the McFly week, EF posted part one of their interview with McFly and more photos (click the photo above to go to the gallery). (:

Here’s the interview.

EF has posted the second part of the interview.

UK, September 6th-9th 2010

Entertainment Focus is doing a McFly Spotlights this week.
On the 6th, they focused on Dougie, Harry on September 7th, and today is Thomas’ turn.

The clip above is Dougie welcoming you to McFly week.
Check out Danny and Tom’s clips below as well as their (and Dougie’s) spotlight pages.
Danny: clip | spotlight page
Tom: clip | spotlight page
Dougie: clip | spotlight page

They also posted some amazing photos on the spotlight page. Click on Tom below to see the pics from this new photoshoot.

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I Like Music interview

Posted on: Sep 9, 2010
by Windie
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UK, September 8th 2010

I Like Music posted a pretty long interview with the lads (no joke, it’s 8-pages long).

They talked about Super City, the new sound, writing process, doing live shows, and more.

“I Like Music because… it’s a better version of speaking.” TOM, MCFLY

“I Like Music because… movies would be rubbish without it.” HARRY, MCFLY

“I Like Music because… it makes me do things in an over-excited way that I wouldn’t normally do every day.” DANNY, MCFLY

“I Like Music because… it’s changed my life.” DOUGIE, MCFLY

Read the complete article on I Like Music website.