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McFly United
Super City, January 7th 2011

McFLY’s new single, That’s The Truth will be released on 6th March 2011 as announced via twitter and via Super City:

For those of you who missed out on Tom and Dougie’s sneaky webchat announcement last month, the band’s next single to be released on 6th March will be ‘That’s The Truth’.

If you’re a Super City citizen, make sure you check out your email for information about the tour, new single (That’s The Truth), and exclusive competition.

Have you been a Pioneer yet?

Posted on: Oct 22, 2010
by PiKiYo
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Home, October 22nd, 2010

If you already are a pioneer, Congrats! If you have not, what are you waiting for? :)

The Green Bed, September 28th 2010

2 days to go for the opening of Super City! We couldn’t wait to become the pioneer citizen there..:D

Watch the video below as the boys telling us what is Super City.

Another things to point out :
– Mcfly will host a webchat on Wednesday Evening UK time
– Anyone who signs up for an ANNUAL membership will be invited to a meet and greet
– Every citizen will get the chance to buy concert tickets before they go on general sale
– EVERY month there will be at LEAST one major piece of content that is worth more than the £6 – it might be an album, a filmed concert etc
– The pricing will be £6/month or £40/yr. There’s plenty of free bits but for all the exclusive bits you must be a citizen
– Payment can be made by Paypal, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Solo (via Harry’s twitter)

Go follow SuperCityHQ for more updates.

Free ‘Above The Noise’ Album?

Posted on: Sep 18, 2010
by PiKiYo
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Stadium of Light,September 18th, 2010

Free McFLY’s album? Heck, yeah. But, hold on, you need to subscribe to supercity to get one. Sounds fair, then do it :D

The group have promised to send fans a copy of the new LP if they are subscribed to their new website, which launches in October.
However, the ‘give away’ does come with a price tag – roughly £40-50 a year, according to band member Tom Fletcher. The singer added that users will not only get a copy of the LP, but will have access to McFly’s demo recordings and priority passes for any gigs.
Fletcher told Digital Spy: ‘We’ve always wanted to be a bit more innovative and do things differently’
‘We haven’t ironed out the details yet, but it’ll be about £6 a month or £40 – 50 a year. There’s the music, plus new content every week – live shows, song demos, priority tickets to gigs… and will have a chance to hang out during soundchecks.
‘It’s about rewarding the fans. People worry about things leaking on the internet but we thought, why not just leak it ourselves?’
The band are no strangers to giving away their music for free – they famously gave away 2008 LP Radio:ACTIVE with the Daily Mail.

Source : here

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More about Super City

Posted on: Jul 21, 2010
by PiKiYo
SuperCity, July 21st, 2010

It’s coming along, you guys. Super City, an interactive web site that the lads created for McFLY fans, is gonna be awesome from what TeenToday said in their website.

Some facts about it :
– It’s a virtual world website
– By subscribing, you could gain a whole lot more, from visiting the boys room (via web ), download their music (rarities, unpublished tracks, demos, etc), and the band’s family, friends, and producers music too.
– The rewards including discount to gigs, meet and greet, and freebies.

To check more visit : TeenToday