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Stalking Tom’s Tumblr, October 22nd 2010

Tom revealed the covers for Above The Noise and Nowhere Left To Run (DVD) via his tumblr.

Click image to enlarge.

Above The Noise album cover

Nowhere Left To Run DVD cover

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Nowhere Left to Run Trailer TONIGHT!

Posted on: Aug 6, 2010
by Windie
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The Interwebs, August 6th 2010

Hey everyone, just want to remind you all that the trailer for McFly’s film, Nowhere Left to Run will be shown tonight on McFly.Com (8PM GMT).
If you want to know what time it’ll be shown at your local time, click here for time zone converter.

Anyway, here’s what Tom posted on his tumblr yesterday:

Check this out! Spread the word McFLY fans. The trailer for our film “Nowhere Left To Run” is being shown exclusively at at 8pm GMT.

Not only that but we haven’t seen it ourselves yet and we thought since you guys have had to wait so long that it’s only fair that we all get to watch it together for the first time!

So, tomorrow night, McFLY party! Time: 8pm. Place:

We know that some of you are a little confused about this film and Party Girl’s music video.
Well, according to an article in Daily Mirror, nowhere left to run is a movie that’s gonna be on the super city website. There’s gonna be six tracks from the new album in the movie. It’s not related to Party Girl’s music video. (Credit for information: mickytello and supercitygazette)

So be there tonight and watch the trailer with other fans and the lads too!

July, 3rd 2010

Two days ago, Dougie tweet this on his twitter account :
So, what do you think his secret project is? :)

Also, speaking of which, Tom reminded us about the Wigan concert. Are you gonna come? He said that this is the last chance to see the RA set, so take his word wisely :P

Last, but not least, all of McFLY boys now have tumblr account : Tom, Danny, Dougie. and Harry.
Check those out!

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Tom’s Tumblr

Posted on: May 29, 2010
by PiKiYo
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May 29th, 2010

So, as Tom said on his tweeter, he got a new plaything called tumblr. And, as many of you probably know, tumblr is some kind of blog that you could post things, ex : photo, video, or just a simple text.

You could follow Tom here. He promised us photos, news, general awesomeness and er…basically longer tweets. :)

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