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UK, February 5th 2010

It’s the end of the road of our Danny Jones on Popstar to Operastar.
But, as Danny said: I’ve learnt a lot and now I’m off on holiday!

Tom also tweeted after Danny voted out:

Ah well, he did brilliantly and thanks to everyone who voted over the past few weeks. Opera is over. Now it’s mcfly time!!!!!

Does McFly time sound great to you? Cause it certainly sounds great to us.

Here’s the video of his performance:

Credit: PiesAreCool

Here’s excerpt of an article from RTE:

“Meat Loaf’s a lovely guy. He always comes and talks to me.”

“It’d be amazing to work with him – how cool would that be?”

“Meat, can I be on your new album please?”

Speaking about working on his own on the show, he said: “I could never be a solo artist, it’s more like work when you’re on your own.”

Digital Spy also posted an article here

Popstar to Operastar Episode 3

Posted on: Jan 31, 2010
by Windie
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UK, January 29th 2010

Credit: sexydannyjoneslover

It’s just like Star Wars episode 3. Will Danny make it to episode 6? I honestly don’t know.
Last night, we saw Danny battling his nerves singing the well-known Time To Say Goodbye. He was on the bottom 2!I know it’s pretty hard to believe. Fortunately for us, all four judges refused to say goodbye to Danny. Thus, we’re going to see him for another week.

In the meantime, enjoy some screencaps we made for you. Even made some screencaps of his lyrics’ cheat sheet. Click on the picture below to see the album.

On other news, #VoteDanny made it into trending topics in UK, even made it to #1.

Danny to win PopStar to OperaStar?

Posted on: Jan 29, 2010
by PiKiYo
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January 29th, 2010

Danny Jones, the frontman from popular band McFly, is the current favourite to win Popstar To Operastar and he can be backed at 3/1 with Betfred. He has always been the favourite to win and looks very solid at he head of the betting but there have been many other changes. Former second and third favourites, Darius Campbell and Kym Marsh, are now out to 9/2 with SkyBet and 5/1 with Paddy Power and Bet365 respectively. Two singers have jumped in front of them, the news second favourite is Bernie Nolan who is 4/1 with Bet365 and VC Bet whilst Marcella Detroit is 9/2 with Stan James but as short as 5/2 with SkyBet.

Read more here

What do you think of his chances? Also, don’t forget to watch Pavarotti Jones later in action. #DannyFTW

Live Chat Article

Posted on: Jan 23, 2010
by Windie
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UK, January 21st 2010

Danny did a live chat 2 days ago on Popstar to Operastar website. They posted an article about it.
Here it is.

Danny set to rap?

Singing in the shower, missing the McFly boys and a future in rap – get the gossip from Mr Jones’ live chatWhen we wrenched rising operatic star Danny Jones from rehearsals and sat him down at a laptop for a chat with you all, he was quick to quash queries regarding a potential solo career. “It would suck to be a solo artist,” he wrote. “I miss the boys being beside me.” Awww. And that’s not the only thing Danny finds hard when he’s warbling in front of the nation. “The hardest thing is learning the Italian,” he added. “It’s sooooo hard, especially when your from Bolton!” Quick as a flash, sparks flew across keyboards everywhere, as you all delved into ways that Danny could practice behind closed doors. And he wasn’t afraid to admit his top secret tactics. “I have sung opera in the shower,” he revealed. “I recommend it because not only do you think you sound amazing because of all the echo, but the steam is good for your voice.” You heard it here first people. And the crowd went wild for the steam-enhanced high notes when Danny belted out his first operatic number. And now that he’s mastered the art of vibrato, could we tempt the star to branch out into yet another challenging genre? “I would like to try… er, rapping!” he replied, with a glint in his eye. And that, Danny Jones fans, is a whole other show.

UK, January 22nd 2010

Last night was another episode of Popstar to Operastar. Danny performed third after Darius and Kym. Here’s his performance.

Credit: MarinaACTIVEE

See Tom, Dougie, and Harry there? (:

And, what did the judges think?
Judges Comments

Katherine: Swoon!

Rolando: Danny you worked very hard and this was a dangerous piece for him. He really kept the operatic voice and I’m very proud of you.

Meat Loaf: Danny I applaud you, you were there every moment.

Lawrence: I thought that was a very mature performance. It was all about opera and pop Danny was left behind.

Source: UnRealityTV

And the verdict? Danny is through! This means he has to suffer another week of opera singing. lol.
Btw, I’m uploading screencaps from last night.
We also made few screencaps from other contestants as well. Do you want us to upload these too? Otherwise, we’ll upload those with Danny and McFly only.

Edit: Screencaps added.

Danny and #votedannymcfly made it into the trending topics last night.

DannyRotti in Action

Posted on: Jan 16, 2010
by PiKiYo
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January 15th, 2010

So, the time we’ve all been waiting for is finally come. No, not their album, though. It’s the premiere of Danny’s reality show, Popstar to Operastar.

Tom and Doug were both came to the show, giving their supports to their mates. Harry also later TWEETS to tell that he is proud of Danny.

And, guess what? Danny is through to the next round. :)

Here’s the video.

Credit : PiesAreCool

What do you think about his performance? Great? Superb? Excellent? :)

Edit: If you live in the UK, check out all the performances on

@VoteDanny uploaded an audio clip from the pilot episode of Popstar To Operastar (Thursday 14th January 2010) that you can find HERE | Credit: nogopromo