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Posted on: Jun 20, 2009
by Windie

It’s all about McFly

McVolution – [Proceed]
The story and evolution of McFly

Music Page – [Proceed]
a.k.a. discography Can you name 60 McFly songs in 2 minutes? If you can’t, take a peek here.

Profiles – [Proceed]
Up, close, and personal with Danny, Dougie, Harry, and Tom

Filmography – [Proceed]
Although they are not actors, these four guys have been doing some acting too!

McSaurus – [Proceed]
Nope, it’s not a type of reptile. Ever get lost when talking to a hardcore McFly fans? If so, get your McFly thesaurus information here.

Awards and Records – [Proceed]
The list of their achievements. From British youngest band to debut their album at #1 to… there’s no limit

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