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The McFly Show preview

Posted on: Dec 8, 2012
by Windie
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UK, December 7 2012

The McFly Show is almost here!
Watch the special preview video below:

UK fans, don’t forget to catch The McFly Show on ITV1 tonight at 7pm.

McFly on Xtra Factor

Posted on: Dec 3, 2012
by Windie
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UK, December 2 2012

Watch McFly performing acoustic version of Obviously on Xtra Factor:

Credit: myheartlovesmcjonas

And watch Danny on the Xtra Factor panel HERE (Credit: myheartlovesmcjonas)

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Harry talked Strictly with Vernon Kay

Posted on: Dec 2, 2012
by Windie
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UK, December 1 2012

Yesterday, Harry co-host “Live from Strictly” with Vernon Kay on BBC Radio 1.

You could listen to the audio HERE.
There are also some great photos on their gallery here.

McFly Acoustic Performances

Posted on: Dec 1, 2012
by Windie
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London, November 2012

McFly have recorded several acoustic performances as part of promoting Memory Lane: The Best of McFly.

Check out the videos:

Do Ya

No Worries

That Girl

And of course, there’s a matter of ‘Love Is Easy’ (Dougie’s version) performance. Go to McFly Facebook and unlock the video by solving the clues posted in their facebook.

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Happy Birthday Dougie

Posted on: Nov 30, 2012
by Windie
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Planet Earth, November 30 2012

As Harry said (tweeted):

It’s Dougie’s birthday!

Don’t forget to tweet him ‘Happy Birthday’ etc etc *insert your comment here* The man himself has announced this super special day via twitter today :) So, hurry up and send all your tweets, the great, the good, and the hilarious.

Happy birthday Dougie. How come you still look 15 when you’re 24 is beyond me. Have a great day, thanks for being you. <3

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Are You Feeling Competitive?

Posted on: Nov 27, 2012
by PiKiYo
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UK, November 2012

To celebrate the release of ‘Memory Lane’, McFLY announces a new kind of competition. Here’s the information :

McFly have recoded an exclusive acoustic performance just for the fans to mark the release of ‘Memory Lane’ and to celebrate all their amazing hit making.

We will be hiding a number of questions based around McFly’s singles over the past 8 years on Facebook. To reveal the password which will unlock the video you have to correctly answer 10 multiple choice questions, all of which can be found as ‘milestones’ on McFly’s Facebook timeline.

Each week day starting today we will post 2 clues to the whereabouts of the questions. All you have to do is choose the correct answer for each question and keep a note of the answer e.g. A,B or C and check back each day for the new set of questions.

There will be 2 questions per day for 5 days. On Friday we will post the link to access the special performance. The password will be the correct answers from all 10 questions in the correct order and bingo! You’re in!

Remember to save your answer. There will be 2 questions per day revealing the password on Friday.

Here is their facebook. A tip, if you confused of how to search the milestone, just click the related year according to the question on the side of the facebook.

Happy hunting! :)

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