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London, October 15, 2013

The boys were being interviewed by Capital FM on Attitude Magazine Awards and revealed some details about the new song they written for One Direction. The song is called “Don’t Forget Where You Belong” and it’ll be track seven on Midnight Memories, the new One Direction album.

Danny said of the writing process, “It was great working with them and they absolutely smashed it. It was a pretty nice, really nice process.”

The audio of the interview is available on Capital FM website.

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Attitude Magazine Awards

Posted on: Oct 16, 2013
by Windie
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London, October 15, 2013

Just last night, McFly attended the 2013 Attitude Magazine Awards.
They presented an award, and it sure seems that they had a lot of fun.

More fun tweets and pictures below.


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London, October 15 2013

McFly have revealed the artwork for “Love is on The Radio”.

Love is on The Radio Artwork

What do you think of the artwork?

Even better, the song has made its debut on the Hits Radio. If you missed it, you can listen here (credit: Nicky Jones).

Let us know how excited you are by posting your comment below.

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Something nice

Posted on: Oct 16, 2013
by Windie
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World Wide Web, October 2013

The generous McFly boys have posted some videos to keep us entertain while waiting for the next album.
First of all, here’s Tom performing a song called *cough* ‘Something Nice’

I just wrote a song that I don’t think will be used for anything so thought I might as well whack it on here so it sees some sort of life before being thrown on the ever increasing pile of unused songs. That pile of unused songs is probably large enough to build an entire house from, then we could all move into it and listen constantly to “the songs that never were” whilst eating strawberry flavoured fizzy things and playing battle chess in our underwear.



we’ll be liveblogging the Royal Albert Hall 10th Anniversary concert here!

– it’s started. YMCa is playing
– first song is “Saturday night”
– Surfer babe
– Time for “obviously”
– A little welcome speech from Dougie and Tom. They’re saying hi to the internet people (that’s us!)
– Room on the 3rd floor (Tom: the first song me and Danny ever wrote goes like this)
– I’ll be ok
– I’ve got you
– Clip of Chris Moyles saying happy anniversary and introducing “Star Girl”
– Star Girl
– Danny is feeling good. Tom saying that they’re going to play a really difficult song (and that he’s only saying that so that when they actually play it, it’ll seem like they’re a really good band)
– Little Joanna!
– Zombie Dougie. And then he’s playing the intro for “Transylvania” on the organ. Transylvania time!
– One for The Radio. Danny left the stage to join the audience for a short while.
– Dougie asked the audience to give Harry the royal wave. And Tom brought out the pink ukulele. They’re comparing Tom and Dougie’s secondary instruments (tom: mine’s pink!)
– Love is Easy.
– Clip about Tom’s busted audition. Matt and James talking about meeting Tom and Danny for the first time, and writing songs with them.
– McBusted time. “year 3000″
– Air Hostess
– Shine A Light (still with Matt and James)
– Matt and James left the stage. Actually, it’s just Danny on stage right now.
– Walk in The Sun (Danny solo). He briefly forgot the lyrics on the second verse. Precious.
– Wow, that was a long note (still Walk in The Sun)
– Tom appeared on stage. Tom is not sure his voice is going to hold so Danny promised to take over (Danny: “just give me the look”). They’re talking about their secret codes.
– Not Alone (Flones duet)
– Tom talked about going to theatre school and writing a special song for RAH.
– McFly The Musical (Tom’s solo)
– The other three guys join Tom on stage. (being mcfly fan is pretty awesome)
– Clip about writing for their sixth album
– LOVE IS ON THE RADIO (the brand new song)
– 5 Colours
– Tom: “we are at the very last stages of our setlist.” Here goes the thank you part.
– All About You
– The Heart Never Lies (Now 10 years are over, but we’re still together, it’s not always easy but McFly’s here forever)
– And that’s it. Great show. Here’s to another 10 years (and more)

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London, September 13 2013

McFly made another announcement yesterday about the Royal Albert Hall 10th anniversary concert announcement.

From the official site:

McFly fans are going to be able to watch the 10th Anniversary Live from around the world on Saturday 21st September. Sign up costs £10 and you can all register from Monday, Sept 16 at 12pm GMT.

As well as a multi camera broadcast, register and you’ll have special access to exclusive videos, VODCASTS, photos and lots more.

Sign-up here on Monday at 12pm GMT:

Watch the video announcement below

For anyone who’d like to purchase the pay-per-view access, you can do so at starting this Monday 12pm GMT.

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