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UK, September 10, 2013

Just recently Tom has twitted a really great news for fans around the world. They’re gonna live stream their Saturday night 10th Anniversary concert from Royal Albert Hall. Huzzah. He said they’re gonna give more info soon.

Here are the boys’ tweets regarding the news:

In other news, McFLY gonna write another song for One Direction’s new album according to Danny.

We obviously love the boys. They’re amazing guys,” Danny said. “We’ve got a new track on their album.

“One Direction are so similar to us, but they’re on a global scale. We had a little smidgen of what they had and we’re happy. I’m glad that they came to us because we can give them good music.”

He added: “They’ve had such good songs and we’re privileged to be a part of that. For us it’s not about making money and being there for a moment, for us it’s about the musical satisfaction and we can give that to One Direction.

“It feels special because not a lot of people want to work with McFly, because what are McFly?”

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UK, August 16 2013

Ahead of the Fusion Festival, Coventry Telegraph interviewed Danny and asked him about being a veteran and all.

In this interview, Danny told us about how he felt that 10 years is just the first chapter and how he and Jason Perry are producing McFly’s upcoming album, plus how he reacted to people (still) asking whether McFly wrote their own stuff.

“I do believe that we have underachieved, in terms of the early days, or even now, in how some people still don’t believe that we write our own stuff. People still ask me. It’s madness! But it doesn’t matter. We’ve got such a great fan base, and they’ve kept us going. Now, there’s nothing better for me than when there’s all four of us in the studio, making new music, and getting excited about showing it to people.”

He also talked about writing and producing for another artists and how it made him feel like a veteran.
You can read the interview on the Country Telegraph website; I provided the link at the top of this post.

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McFly on Les Mis v Phantom: The Reprise

Posted on: Aug 12, 2013
by Windie
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Bromley, August 11 2013

Danny's tan getting shown up by Gareth Gates #charityfootball #bromley

Credit: Vicky

Tom and Danny went to the charity football match, Les Mis v Phantom: The Reprise (aka Danny Jones played Football while Tom Fletcher watched). Danny joined Team Les Mis and Tom went along to support Danny and his sister Carrie who performed at the event.
The game was finally decided with penalty shoot out and team les mis won!

Check out some videos from the charity football match:
Les Mis vs Phantom Penalty Shoot Out – Credit: Sarah Yewman
LesMisVSPhantom! – Credit: whoisclareanyway
Les Mis vs Phantom Football Match – Credit: imaginerosie

Tom and Vicky (Danny’s sister) also instagrammed some photos
From Vicky
From Tom 1 | From Tom 2.

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Contest, Football, and more

Posted on: Aug 4, 2013
by Windie
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London, August 4 2013

First, take a look of this dino-licious covers of hardback Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas and the Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet (credit: Tom Fletcher)

Check these out! Lovin the new hardback Pooped Christmas and the new Pooped a Planet!

Other news came from the charity football match Les Mis V Phantom, scheduled for August 11 at Bromley Football Club. Previously, it’s been announced that Danny will take part of the charity match.
And today, they posted on twitter that Tom will present the trophy. Soo, there will be not one, but (at least) two McFly members joining in.
…Who knows? Maybe Dougie and Harry will come too (right? *nudge*)

For more information, go to and check out their twitter @lesmisvphantom.

And to close this post, we have contest news! Not from us unfortunately. is holding a contest where you can win VIP tickets to see McFly at T-Live. Make sure you read the terms and condition before entering.

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Birthday, TV Shows, and Engagement

Posted on: Jul 30, 2013
by PiKiYo
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The World, July 2013

So, what events happened in July?

July 17, of course. Or should I say, Tom’s birthday. Yeah, it’s our favourite person’s (except for Danny, Harry, and Dougie) birthday. We said this in our twitter, but we would like to say it again just because, “Happy birthday Tom! You really are an amazing person. Keep making awesome music, playing it, and sharing it with us.”

Second thing? Dougie in TV Shows. Some of you probably already heard this news sometimes ago. But..Dougie is set to appear on BBC1’s new comedy-ents show ‘I Love My Country’ on Saturday August 31.

Last, but not least, Danny got engaged with his girlfriend, Georgia. Yay. We are happy for the lovely couple. He shared this tweet :


London, June 12 2013

Following the news that both Royal Albert Hall shows have sold out, McFly made another announcement on youtube that they are now adding two more shows to the 10th Anniversary Concerts!

So that’s a good news for those who plan to go but didn’t get tickets, and also for those who suddenly feel the urge to go see McFly for the first time (GO, DO IT, they are truly amazing live) or second/third or even fifteenth time.

The newly added shows are on September 21 and 22. Tickets will go on sale on June 15 at 9 AM.
You can get tickets from,, or

Good luck for those trying to get tickets. For the rest of us who are not going to the Royal Albert Hall shows, never fear, for McFly have provided what Tom called ‘possibly the greatest announcement video ever made’ so please enjoy!

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